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Nairobi, KE – December 26, 2017 – Olivia Kibaba is a renowned freelance writer, sought after for her impeccable writing skills. For three years, she has helped online businesses grow by delivering well-researched, compelling pieces that showcase thought-leadership, original thinking, and authority. The Kenyan-based content writer believes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in the industry, that’s why she avails a gamut of writing solutions bespoke to the needs and preference of a given client. Among other services, Olivia Kibaba offers articles, blogs & content marketing, emails, websites and copywriting, thought-leadership and authority content, press release writing as well as SEO.

Outlining her differentiators, Olivia Kibaba, stated, “A quality website is a vital step if you want to establish your business’ legitimacy, retain existing clients and attract prospects. To realize this, it’s inevitable that you work with a writer who not only shares your ideas of growing the business but one who generates superior and optimized content that grants your business a dynamic internet presence. As a customer-centric writer, I commit myself to understanding my client’s and their reader’s needs. This way, I’m able to create authentic, irresistible and compelling content to help businesses increase traffic, acquire leads and convert them into buying clients.”

Companies that find trouble getting the kind of traffic they’re expecting with their blogging strategies can hire a business blogger to help out. Professional freelance writers have incredible knowledge regarding on-page and off-page


search engine optimization methods and are always keen integrating them to ensure a content ranks well on the keywords that a client is targeting. Business blogging, SEO, and content marketing are the mainstay of any successful digital marketing and the ultimate hub for a business’ online presence.

“According to research, companies that published 16+ blog posts every month get approximately 3.5 more traffic and 4.5X more leads than those that published less. Consequently, 61% of consumers reported that they feel better about, and are more likely to purchase from a company that avails custom content. This fact can be overwhelming, especially for business owners who rarely have time to spare for writing, or better yet, who writing isn’t their forte. Good news is I can write content that educates your prospects, builds your brand, brings leads, converts traffic into paying clients, ranks you higher on search engines and serves as your salesperson 24/7, at competitive rates. The best part is you’ll fully have rights to the content, and can do whatever you please with it,” concluded Olivia Kibaba.

As one of the top SEO writers in Kenya, Olivia Kibaba strives to stay ahead of her peers by continually educating herself on the latest industry trends. She understands that the search engine algorithms keeps shifting every often and that it serves her clients right to ensure she’s always abreast of any slight changes. This is how she’s managed to keep her clients’ websites on the first pages of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

About Olivia Kibaba

Olivia Kibaba is a Kenyan-based freelance writer specializing in ghostwriting services, copywriting services, SEO and business blogging. As one of the best online writing services provider, she’s always keen on generating top-notch content that’s sure to help clients stand out from the competition. For more information, contact her today.

Contact Details

Company Name: Olivia Kibaba

Phone Number: +254729222256

Email: Kibabaolivia@gmail.com

Website: www.oliviakibaba.com



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